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British Prim Minister
Date of birth : 13 of October 1925
Place of Birth: Grantham (near Nottingham), England.
Studies : Biology studies and then Law studies.Political Party : Conservative.
First position : Depute in Finchley, London.
1964-1970 : speaks person at the House of Commons.
Second position : Minister of Education underHeath's government.
1970-1974 : Head of conservative party and in 1975, First woman to become Prim Minister in British history.
The goal is to revive the Kingdom’s economy.
Sheleads an neo-liberal to politicand to the economy.
Cuts every social budget.
Puts an end to public enterprises.
Stops syndicates from having anything to say.
This firm handespecially during the miner strikes in 1984, gives her the nickname of “Iron lady”.
Success : reconquers the Malouines.
But because of many social inequality, she resigns in 1990Margaret Thatcher, head of the Conservative party and first woman to become Prim Minister in British history published on the 9th of September 1997 in the Scotsman, as the nameindicates, a Scottish newspaper an article about Devolution in Scotland and what impact it could have on the union between the nations.
Devolution is in the context of the article, thetransfer of power from a central government, in this case the British Parliament to a local government, in this case a Scottish Parliament. Indeed, In 1997 the Labour Governmentinitiated a program of devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, seven years after Margaret Thatcher resigned from her post as Prim Minister. In this program the LabourGovernment, to help the devolution in Scotland, accepted the raise of taxes to a certain limit which is one of the arguments Margaret Thatcher uses to talk about the dangers of Devolution