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positive and negative impacts of the Internet
There are several positive and negative impacts of the Internet on education. For rural areas especially, the access to information that the Internetoffers is an incredible positive force, allowing almost anyone to find the answers to basic questions simply and easily. It helps education in that when someone is curious about something (and thereforeopen to learning), they can find out some information to feed that "learning hunger" immediately. If you are curious about the ants in the backyard, or want to know more about dinosaurs ormythology... there is a wealth of information at your fingertips and you can enhance your knowledge.

The foremost target of internet has always been the communication. Andinternet has excelled beyond the expectations .Still; innovations are going on to make it faster, more reliable. By the advent of computer's Internet, our earth has reduced and has attained the form of aglobal village.

Now we can communicate in a fraction of second with a person who is sitting in the other part of the world. Today for better communication, we can avail the facilities of e-mail;we can chat for hours with our loved ones. There are plenty messenger services in offering. With help of such services, it has become very easy to establish a kind of global friendship where you canshare your thoughts, can explore other cultures of different ethnicity.

Theft of Personal information
If you use the Internet, you may be facing grave danger as your personalinformation such as name, address, credit card number etc. can be accessed by other culprits to make your problems worse.

Spamming refers to sending unwanted e-mails in bulk, which provideno purpose and needlessly obstruct the entire system. Such illegal activities can be very frustrating for you, and so instead of just ignoring it, you should make an effort to try and stop these...