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Monday 8th of December 2009

Teen Tobacco use targeted in Maine

1) John Brier would like the legal age for buying and smoking Tobacco products to be raised from 18 to 21.2) He feels personally involved because his family members had health problems due to cigarettes.

3) John Brier’s grandmother had emphysema for the last 10 years of her life after having smoked4 packs of cigarettes per day. His uncle had lung cancer and his mother tried to stop but she can’t.

4) He wants to reach Young people because young people have the same health problems as hisfamily.

5) In order to pass the law he must « secure more than 51 000 signatures and then he must persuade voters that 18 years-olds who can vote are still too Young to smoke » but on theother hand « raising the legal age should make enforcement easier. » However the Police Chief M. Chitwood said that « this is not a priority in protecting public safety » but he also said that « It mightbe a feel good pièce of legislation ».

6) Writing (195 words)
Do you think such legislation would be effective?
What would you do to make people quit smoking?

I think that suchlegislation won’t be effective because for example in France the legal age is 18 years old but every teenagers are able to buy packs of cigarettes even they are thirteen or fourteen. Another example, loadingmusic or movies is illegal but it doesn’t stop people. They follow to load illegally music and movies… It’s like cigarettes, put a limit age for buying or smoking cigarettes won’t be efficient. Ithink to make people quit smoking, I wouldn’t raise the legal age for buying and smoking cigarettes but I would raise the price of cigarette’s packs for almost 10 dollars. Then I would do more preventswhit lots of chocking pictures. And I would introduce evidence of people hit by cancer due to cigarettes. The police would also be able to control the identity of smokers, if they haven’t the legal...