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United Kingdom - London

How can Bloomberg adopt its offer to the UK-London market in order to increase its profitability?

Wednesday 6th January

Table of Contents

Summary 3
Description of Company, Product/Service, and Foreign Market 4
• Company’s current situation and recent history 4
• Description of product/service 4• Description of foreign market 4
Overview of Market Structure and Evolution 5
• Current market size and structure 5
• Past market evolution 6
• Future market evolution 6
Evolution of Market Strategy 7
• Profile of Customer Market Segments 7
• Distribution Channel Strategy 7
• Communication Strategy 8
•Pricing Strategy 8
• Brand Positioning 9
Competitive Analysis 11
• Identification of main competitive companies/products in foreign market 11
• Market position of each competitor 15
• Key strategies of each competitor 15
Analysis of Barriers to Entry 16
• Description of legal administrative barriers to foreign market 16
•Description of measures taken to deal with these barriers 16
SWOT Analysis 17
• Strengths 17
• Weaknesses 18
• Opportunities 19
• Threats 19
References 21
Appendices 22


Our study is based on the Bloomberg Company and more particularly on the market of financial tools, media news, and financialinformation. We will lead our study on the UK market and more precisely in London. This domain is very bad known because it only concerns a small part of the population. It concerns people in link with financial markets, people who work in banks or financial institutions in the different financial places all around the world.

We have tried to show the specific aspects of this service and itscharacteristics in comparison with its main competitor, Thomson Reuters. However, during our entire project, we have demonstrated how Bloomberg is unique and inimitable. This company continues to be profitable only with its reputation and thanks to the word of mouth. In other word, Bloomberg’s services are enough for maintaining advantageous results to the company.

This success is due tothe functionality of Bloomberg’s services. You can obtain of course financial and economic information, but also book your next airplane tickets and command sushi for your lunch. Bloomberg is not only a tool it is also a help for your daily life when you are one of its users. This aspect of Bloomberg’s services is appreciated by traders who spend the most of their time working on their desk.The aim of our study is to find ways which would help the company improve its profitability. Through an analysis and recommendations, we will try to define how Bloomberg could in a near future reach this objective.

Description of Company, Product/Service, and Foreign Market

• Company’s current situation and recent history

Bloomberg is an American company created in1981 by MichaelBloomberg, business and political man. Since 2002, he is New York’s mayor. The company started operating in 1983 and by now still provides information to people. This company is one of the world leaders in the broadcasting of financial and economic information. It now employs 10 000 people all around the world. Since its beginning, the Bloomberg group has been succeeding in competing internationalfirms like Dow Jones in the USA and Reuters in Europe old from the 19th century.

• Description of product/service

The Bloomberg network is specialized in giving financial and economical information dedicated to professional working on financial markets.
It revolutionized the finance’s sector with a fast and reliable service.
First, Bloomberg only provided information about...