Book report 'the starbucks experience'

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The Starbucks Experience
By joseph a. michelli

I have decided to read “The Starbucks Experience, 5 principles to turn Ordinary into Extraordinary” written by Joseph Michelli, published in 2007.And by reading this report, you will know why I choose it and what I think about it.

I choose this book for several reasons; first of all because I really like this company and even if I alreadyknew it a little I wanted to know more about it but above all, to have an external point of view about this ‘experience’ because the author is not a member of this company. The second thing that appealsto me is that it is a business book, as I am not found of reading (even in French) I thought it could more interesting if it was about what I am studying rather than a novel. The other point is linkedto the previous one; it is about the structure of the book. Indeed, being divided into 5 parts clearly distinct make me thought that it will be easier to read and to understand. Moreover, by readingthe tittle and the short summary of the book, I saw it was a ‘how to book’. I have never taken the opportunity to read this kind of book before and I really wanted to. To learn how the author isinspired by the reality to give advices, to turn it into principles that can be applied in almost any other situation. At least, I also thought that I could maybe learn a lot besides knowing betterStarbucks, like things which might help me in my everyday life.

Now, I would like to give you my opinion about this book. We can start by the negative aspect (in order to keep the best for the end). As Ihave said before, the book is divided into 5 parts; each one is a principle and contains around 30 pages, to my mind 15 pages for each would have been enough. Actually, the author is becomingrepetitive in its advices and stories, maybe by trying to add more content or pages to his book. The second undesirable point is about the way the Starbucks Experience is used. I think this book is...