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Book Review: Club Dead
English work presented to Mme Kathleen White
English Culture and Literature

English department
Dance and InterpretationProgram
Cégep de Ste-Foy
Mars 2010

Clud dead, is a fantasy book written by Charlaine Harris, a New York times bestselling author. She writes both mystery and fantasy and her Sookie Stackhousebook series was so popular that a television show was created based on it and it is one the of the most watched shows on television.
The story takes place in Bon Temps, a small town of NothernLouisiana. Sookie as has find love for the first time in Bill, a 118 years old vampire. However, he as been distant lately and one evening he tells her he has to do a mysterious mission in Mississippi forthe (vampire) queen of Louisana. Not long after his departure, Sookie learns that he has been kidnapped on the orders of the (vampire) king of Mississippi and that he cheated on her. Eric, Bill’s boss,request she goes there, accompanied by Alcide, to fetch her boyfriend back. Arrived at their destination, they go to Club dead, an only «Supernatural being» bar, so she can try to find Bill’s hidingplace by reading minds. Subsequently, they end up in the king’s mansion and, after a series of unfaithful events, including an involuntarily murder and being stabbed, she frees a tortured Bill. As shearrived in the parking of Alcide’s apartment, she falls asleep in the Lincoln Eric had stolen so she could escape. Next thing she knows, she is with her boyfriend are in the trunk of the car. However,Eric gets them out of trouble and drive Sookie back to Bon Temps, not without problems on the way.
Sookie Stackhouse: She is the main character, and also the narrator of the story. Moreover, shehas the gift to hear people thoughts, except vampires. Even though she may seem naïve at first glance, perceptiveness and courageousness are qualities that she owns. Sookie’s open-mindedness is...