Book i, chap i analysis 1

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I/ The Journey to the unknown

1/ A geographical journey

The itinerary of Jim's journey across "the Great midland plain of North Americas" fromVirginia to Nebraska: He travelled by Railway train. Jim begin to leave Virginia where lived his parents to find his grand-parents. Travelled Chicago. Thenhe cross the Missouri River in Nebraska and other many rivers. Arrive in Black Hawk (where he meet Otto Fuchs)
The mother and the father of Jim are dead,they lived in Virginia with her son. But Jim can't live alone and he go to meet his grand-parents in Black Hawk in Nebraska. So he must make a journey.

Thetrip is long and difficult : I quote " an interminable journey", "the long day's journey" and "it was still, all day long, Nebraska"
There is metaphorewith the engine who "was panting heavily after its long run" : Symbolize the course of a Horse.

2/A metaphorical journey

Jim had lost his parents.He comes from Virginia and during his journey he encounters differents characters : Jack Marpole and Otto Fuchs.
He is going to start a new life, a newenvironment, new acquaintances, cause of his parent's death.
Jim embody the immigrants in the United-States at the end of the 19th century because he is intothe wildness, difficult climat; harsh environment. The good aspect is his fascination by the glorious weather, the beauty of the landscape, and communitieswhich helping each other. Qualities of the pionneers are simple life, hard working, independance, determination. They also have an adventurious spirit.