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BOSE: Better sound through research

1-Presentation of the company
Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, then a professor of electrical engineering at the MassachusettsInstitute of Technology. It was from the beginning aiming at engineering sound system that would produce a sound exactly like you could hear it in a live performance. Extensive research in the field of ampdesign and psychoacoustic (the human perception of sounds) led to some major discovery and inventions. The groundbreaking 901Reflecting speaker was born (a system with one frontal amp and nine othersin the back reflecting the sounds on the walls). Then, the list of major Bose innovation continued to grow.
They are leader, or at least one of the best companies, on several markets. They firstdeveloped home sound systems, with a wide range of home cinema and products for computers, video games, outdoor listening… They managed to cease opportunities every time one came up as they also haveprofessional products for pilots and military use –sound isolation headphones and helmets. They offer a wide range of automotive industry systems that equips most of the luxury-range cars (Hummer, Lexus,Ferrari...). They also propose whole professional sound systems for the stage for musician but also to equip venues and businesses such as auditoriums, churches… What is more, with their technicalknowledge, they opened a line of products for industrial purpose, that are able to test the resistance of materials and they are leader on the market of medical product testing. Also they developed a newmarket for luxury cars : suspensions that work with electromagnets and reveals themselves way more efficient that hydraulic ones. Finally, they recently launched a truck driver seat said to be themost comfortable ever with whole technical support and new technologies.
“Today, you can find Bose wherever quality sound is important. From the Olympic games to the Sistine Chapel. From NASA space...