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The 2009 was a contrasted year for the BPC industry. Due to the economic downturn spreading all around the world, the consumer needed to make some adjustement in terms of consumptionbut despite this general pictures, the BPC industries also seen some room of development in the future. Probably the 2009 was a pivotal year to establish a new trend all around the world. Make atransition sentence

Probably the only market where the demand will continue to growth rapidly and sustainly will be Russia and China for the premium market but in terms of total value it will remainnegligible (check pour russie). However the trend for the next 5 years will be the development of mass product and the trading down of many markets. The consumer are more and more price sensitivityabout the goods, they want to pay a fair price for the utilitees of. Excepting some product (like baby care where parents are not bargaining the quality against the price) people want an efficiency for abetter price (see the decline of anti cellulite product). By decrease their expense for the beauty product, people also reallocate the shopping location, more and more people reject the visit ofdepartment store or premium shop (check it) and prefer to visit the supermarket, where also they follow the trend by providing a more diverse range of product in their shop. Also the premium brand tofight back their loss of customer develop a new strategy by lowering the price, smaller packaging and new cheaper product. Also department store tried to adjust their portofolio of brand by providingcheaper brand. The consequences are less differentiation in terms of product line between department store and supermarket (check the development of parapharmaceutical brand).

The new trend would bein the future: new cheaper product, more mens product, more anti ageing, premium baby care
Global Snapshot
New potential (men, private label, premium baby care)

Be innovative is a key point...