Brand audit tool

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Seamless Branding

brand audit tool

consistent messages, appearance, personality…

Audit your brand:

First-Tier Applications Corporate Overview Brochures Brand Platform/ArchitectureBuildings/Vehicles/Signage 1. Brand-management professionals understand that a brand consists of much more than a logo. A brand is a well-thought-out framework of messages, tone of voice, colors, namesand vision. For example, one company’s brand may include these elements: 2. These brand elements reach their audiences via numerous applications:

Design Guidelines


ConsistentVision, Positioning Audit the consistency of your messages, appearance, personality Consistent “Personality” 3. How consistently are these elements included in each application? Always ConsistentMessages Consistent Tone of Voice Brand/Identity Elements Consistent Editorial Style Consistent Logo Usage Consistent Signature Usage Consistent Tagline Usage Consistent Typefaces Consistent Color PaletteNever Consistent Style of Imagery Situation: Most companies have brand design guidelines. Some even include messaging or tone of voice. But are these guidelines integrated into all yourcommunications? The BrandLogic Brand Audit Tool enables communications professionals to view a simple “picture” of their brand.

seamless branding:

Let’s “audit” a typical company…

Consistent ComponentRelationship


Does your brand/identity give you ‘one voice’?


Seamless Branding

The diffusion of a brand:

First-Tier Applications Corporate Overview Brochures BrandPlatform/Architecture Buildings/Vehicles/Signage

New Media


“We decided to hire the ‘hottest’ Web agency, who told us that ‘cool’ sites didn’t follow old rules.”

ConsistentVision, Positioning Consistent “Personality” Consistent Messages Consistent Tone of Voice Consistent Editorial Style Many well-conceived brand programs have been lost by misguided Consistent Logo Usage...