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Under the spotlights with its irresistible expansion and the future organisation of, consequently, Football world cup (2014) and the Olympic games (2016) Brazil has been considered as a real successstory. The financial crisis has only partially slowed down the economic expansion of the country boosted by the domestic consumption and the raise of exported products. A lot of efforts are investedin reinforcing infrastructures to welcome those international manifestations and to raise the global standards of living.

In terms of textile and clothing industry, the country is now part oftop 3 most attractive fashion retail destinations and size of clothing market with China and India. (Donati, 2010)
“Since 2 years, the fashion business world have been interested in this emergentmarket thanks to a huge growth even during the global recession. This is because most of the industry’s output is sold to Brazil’s huge domestic market of 2 millions consumers”. (Anson, 2010)

Theevidences of a healthy and worthy market and a great dynamism in terms of growth have attracted business entrepreneurs. The swatch of the population combine with a significant urban migration hasattracted international brands as the demand is rising especially in major cities (Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro). For instance, Diane von Furstenberg, Missoni, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton andBurberry have made or are making large investments there. Moreover stores distributing those brands are part of the top brand’s performing worldwide. (Anaya, 2010)

Then in terms of influence and Fashionidentity, yellow, green, mini-bikini and tong are like a tasteless cliché of the Brazilian creation. Often noticed for its football success, exquisite women or the Carnival, Brazil has completelyreinvented the taste of Fashion art and craft. The country is now recognized for its sensual mix of texture and colours. The abundance of raw materials and the plurality of its origins form a supreme...