Bread and roses

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“Bread and Roses”, a film of Ken Loach, deals with a burning issue: immigrants’ situation in the United States. It tells the office-cleaners’ exploitation who have been recruited by the Angel companyamong the undocumented immigrants. They clean a luxurious building of Los Angeles that belongs to powerful law firms and banks. At the beginning, Maya is illegally transported across the border fromMexico. When her sister, Rosa can not come up with all the money for the passage in the United States, she is forced to go to a seedy apartment to have sex with one of the two Mexican drivers. But,she manages to escape and to locate Rosa who finds her a cleaning job with Angel in the same building as her. Everyday, Maya and her colleagues of all nationalities bear unacceptable working conditions.Perez, their manager is domineering, brutal and takes arbitrary decisions. They work only for $ 5.75 per hour without benefits. A day’s work, a nice man asks Maya to be smuggled in her trash bin toevade pursuing security guards. The man, Sam, is an union organizer. When he comes in Rosa’s home to explain her the reasons to be a trade union member, she orders him to go out. In spite of hersister’s reaction, Maya decides to participate in the union drive. For a meeting planned in secret by Sam, the office-cleaners of the building realise the necessity to defend their rights in order to improvetheir working conditions. They are helped by a trade union and other office-cleaners belonging to the trade union. However, Rosa denounces her colleagues on the initiative for this movement. Amongthose is Maya’s friend Ruben who desperately need money to match a grant to attend law school. But, in spite of the sacking of some of their colleagues, their mobilisation is increasing. They onlyrequire to have “Bread and Roses”. At the end, Angel company capitulates after the union organizers pull several stunts, culminating in march with pickets into the building serviced by Angel, whereupon...