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Bankz in Vogue, 2008

SCOOP OF THE WEEK! It was Sunday October 2 in the morning, when the sun came behind London Bridge. All Londoners started to stretch in bed afterthat long night of Saturday, but she did not.Hilary Bankz was in the bathroom, in front of the mirror trying to hide her secret. She opened the drawer and took out her razor and shaving cream,always looking around. So H. started taking off that big mop of black hair from her face. We know nobody had noticed, but it is so: SHE HAS A BEARD. ARGGGGGGGG! Not as much as her boyfriend, JimDoherty! How could he love her? Or he didn't know? So sorry...Thankfully, we are always there, as the all-seeing eye to discover. Now that Hil has lost her glamour How is she going to manageto recover from it?!Don't worry Hil, we'll always love you ... But, Do you keep any other secrets to share?
Spotted, Waffle Girl shaving!


“I have to thank all tabloidsbecause without them this would have never happened...”
The model in her last advertising
Sunday,2nd October a photo published in the tabloids caused outrage among the fans of Hilary Bankz.She was seen shaving: the Waffle Girl.In half an hour, a thousand and two hundred and eighty forums were collapsed with comments from all around the world. What they did not know is that shehad deliberately cast to show how exaggerated and persecutive paparazzi might be. "It's horrible that even the slightest movement you make in your own house is photographed and published. I feelwatched all day! I want my privacy, to be respected at least in my home. I hope this teaches a valuable lesson," said Hilary the next day.This has also enabled the brand she promotes its salesto increase by 20% in just one week, and in the personal sphere fans have increased a million and it appears that she has been offered a huge contract for the new season of All Saints.