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This publication is an appetite-wetter, you can find work tool and suggestion box for your business activities.
Whether you are a designer, architect, interior decorator orfitting contractor, you will find original and modular solutions within this publication that unite design features and manufacturing quality.
Aluminum sections, decorative panels, fittingsystems let yourself be won by the materials, the shapes and the colors.
Throughout these chapters you will discover the riches on offer from “manufacturing designer” who has been at your service inFrance and internationally for half a century.
Happy reading to anyone inspired by the subject matter…
Specialists for more than 50 years in the exhibition and fitting systems inaluminium, Sodem System is at your service in constant evolution to give you ideas to create original projects.
The largest variety and originality of our ranges, as well as our products quality, hadlet us gain international notoriety. Our ranges include more than 500 references, all compatible between them:
Blue range: Aluminium Sections & Accessories.
Orange range: DesignSections & Accessories
Red range: Deco Plates
Green range: Shop Fitting Systems
Purple range: Equipment and Furniture
Creator of exhibition and fittingsystems
The SODEM SYSTEM features
Over 50 years experience serving the customer
Young, dynamic company
Close relationships with its customers
Creator of loyalty andrepeat business
Reactivity, flexibility, adaptability, versatility
Integrated production
Multi-material, the company works with all materials
Product designer, apioneer in our business
Depth of range
Opening up internationally
Worldwide network of partners and distributors
Creator of business flows for its customers