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Dei Case
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Dei Case
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What should i do to create this culture change? Help me by coming up with a plan, or at least a list ofsuggestions of what I should do and in what order.

A cultural change is definitely needed to put the company on good tracks. The latter is “the company to be avoided” (according to 33% ofInternational Airline Passenger Association members) due to unpunctuality problem and lack of interest about clients.
We have detected three areas of major issues:
* Services Woes
* StrongUnpunctuality
* Bad consumer Relationship Management

* Financial Woes
* Structural deficits
* Strong cuts are needed

* Cultural & Organizational Woes
* Overstaffing* Moral at rock bottom
* Major divergence between young and older manager
We come up here with a three-year plan:

1. Break down the barriers:

By showing the emergency of thesituation and making everybody aware that change is definitely necessary, one could give a good momentum to the company. There are strong barriers between young and senior manager. This is one of the majorbarriers. One should have a focus on explaining the emergency of a change to senior managers and meanwhile engage the junior managers in an open discussion with seniors to implement changes together.One solution could be specific focus on necessity of change in each Division Kick-Off, followed by team building events (making food receipts together, sports activities)
2. Involvement in thechange and Engage the company in a long-term vision

Team Moral is at rock-bottom because of a lack of sense in employee’ professional lives. It is really important to engage each employee byorganizing division brainstorming and creating cross-division virtual team in charge of thinking of the future of the company. On top of that it is really important to be very clear on the financial...