Business ethics

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1. What is business ethics and what is it about?

During the first lesson, I didn’t really realize what this course will deal with. You, teachers, gave us marks withoutany knowledge about us. It was a little bit too odd for my part. But in the first few minutes following the lesson, after your speech on prejudices and the way we could face a situation, I had a betterunderstanding on what you expected us to do.

I think you want us to be more aware of our environment. So what? In my mind, it’s a way to note all the factors which could affect our behavior andalso a group. In the last lesson, when you peered at us without saying a word, I could notice how you reversed the situation because all the students thought it was the end of the class.There’s an ambiguous connection between our reaction in the group and how we could face a situation in a company. It’s almost the same because we will be supposed to set ours’ sight on a position ofresponsibility. So we will be confronted with embarrassing situations and have to find solutions as a manager can do. A manager must be intransigent when he has to take important decisions.

That’s why,on one hand, we should be aware of all the factors that could influence an environment but on the other hand we should have an objective eye to consider the whole. It’s really hard to choose what isright and what is wrong for a group or a company.

As you said, we are all from different countries with many different codes. Perhaps this lesson will teach us the way to get a better approachof how could we situate ourselves in an organization.

To sum up, I think Business Ethics can be defined as all factors and values that govern decisions and actions within a company, a group or anorganization.

2. What do you want to put in order for you to learn?

First of all, I want you to explain us how we could associate ethics which supposes to be a value with business...