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1. Executive summary

Our business plan idea is providing food catering service. We call it „Catering de Luxe”. We will organize many kinds of celebrations and parties for companies or rich people who can afford large parties with special food and beverages. We will also direct persons, for example, waitresses or bartender who will ensure that everything is going fine. As we are going toprovide various types of events we will also customize adequate costume for personnel. And we will offer different type of menus.

Our business will be formed as Unlimited Liability Company. We are going to invest 5000, - Lats as share capital.

We decided to create partnerships with specific providers. We need to create partnership with one vegetable company in Poland and with several French foodand alcohol companies to obtain specific food, like cheese and mushroom, and also alcohol, like wine or champagne.

We looked at the industry of our product and we realized that there are not much specialized companies providing the same service as we are going to, especially French cuisine. So our niche market is free.

The customers served will be focused on individuals and business. We willtake bearings on segment the luxe which are rich persons and large companies because they could afford such extravagant party. Geographically de Luxe would like to work on the market around Jūrmala and Riga.

As we are planning to work only as catering service, we will have low costs for home base, and this will ensure a profit to a company.

The type of our consumer is rich people who likeonly the best services and products of the best quality. In our initial market consumers like to organize parties at their residences with special food menus and serving.

We will use specific Marketing Strategy. For good selling of our products we need to do some activities to introduce potential buyers with our company to make our company well-known in higher society of Latvia and let ourpublicity go in front of us.

For good reputation and excellent service provided our company will need to recruit only most suitable applicants for vacancies with the necessary qualifications. We will choose potential workers by deciding their knowledge, experience and expertise and invite them to the group interview and after that to personal job interview.

Great relationships with our food andalcohol suppliers are very important for good quality of De Luxe service.

The Company’s legal address is Marsa gatve 6-36, Riga. Actual place of the company is Liepu street 6-2Jurmala, where the food is being stored, cooked and prepared for delivery to a place most appropriate for a customer.

Company description

2.1 Mission

Catering de Luxe is a company which provides typical French foodand brings it to the place were customer want it to be. First they will start with five different menu’s and the other big part of their product will be the service. They bring their menu’s and champagne/ wines to the place of destination, this can be everywhere, and if customers need staff they will provide also staff.
The company is started, because there was no French catering company yetaround Riga. It is thought that the rich people around Riga would like to have a company like this. The focus is on French, because it exudes luxury and there exists a link between rich and luxury. Among the rich people are meant higher-upper-class, highest-class, besides these target groups catering de Luxe would like to work for big companies, events, like weddings and other parties.
The companywill be unique in her services and French food. There are French restaurants around Riga, but they don’t provide the service like Catering de Luxe is going to do. De Luxe will have flexible services, for example they come to you house, but it doesn’t matter if they have to work in a small or a big house. De Luxe will make it fit.

What de Luxe would like to achieve are the following goals....