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Executive Summary

Table of Contents

1. The Business Opportunity
1. The Internet is a Huge Trading Place
2. Exponential Growth will Continue for Foreseeable Future
3. An Opportunity for Positioning in Private Equity after the Financial Crisis
4. Unmet Needs of the Target Market
5. Our Service Value Proposition
6. The System of Ourmarketplace
2. Business Strategy
1. Goals & Objectives
2. Develop Web Page
3. Offer Value-added Products & Services
4. Focus on Marketing & Sales
5. Consolidate Operations
6. Position against Major Competitors
3. Organization Plan
1. Plan of Organization
2. Founders and Management Team
4. Financial Outlook
1.Financial Summary
2. Revenue Forecast
3. Income Statement
4. Cost Structure
5. Sources and Use of Funds
6. Balance sheet
5. Risk Management

1.0 The business opportunity

1. The Internet is a Huge Trading Place

The business opportunity for E-nancing is based on the Internet, the world’s largest data communications network connectingmore than 100 million people all over the world. Today, the Internet is not just sending e-mail, downloading software, or searching information any more. Now that people get used to the Internet, people can trade some products with each other, and the Internet provides the place where people can socialize with each other.

An internet transaction can be defined as the sale or purchase of goods orservices, whether between businesses, households, individuals, governments and other public or private organisations, conducted over the internet. The goods and services are ordered over the internet, but the payment and the ultimate delivery of the good or service may be conducted on or off-line.

This is the data about how much people conduct the transactions in eBay over the past 9 years. TheeBay is the world’s largest online marketplace where practically anyone can sell anything at any time and the data is only about this marketplace segment excluding advertisement, marketing revenue so on. It proves that people have high interests in trading some products over the Internet.


2. Exponential Growth will Continue for Foreseeable Future

In our business,investment category products are focused on for investors. The data below is from online brokers doing their business especially in America. Overall, the growing number of online bank account has been over the 5 years, and expected to continue to grow for foreseeable future because globalization encourages people to expand their view more internationally and trade more globally and the online trade isessential to implement it.


3. An Opportunity for Positioning in Private Equity after the Financial Crisis

The financial crisis has affected not only large company such as GM going almost bankruptcy but also small companies to get finance from commercial bank, or venture capital because there is not enough funds to lend such a low credible small companies.

This data shows thelatest business loans numbers are still falling.
The latest weekly figures above show that banks have reduced loans to businesses by $15.8 billion–roughly -$4,000,000,000 per week–in the past month alone. That does not mean there is less borrowing; it means there is negative borrowing. Banks have forced their business customers to actually pay down their loan balances by $4 billion perweek. The only way to do that in a small business is to lay off a worker or sell some inventory or other assets at a deep discount.
Essentially all business loans are small business loans–big public companies get their working capital in the commercial paper market.

Private Equity and venture capital have also reduced drastically their investments since 2007.
We strongly believe that...