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Scrapshoesing 1
Business Plan 1
Alix Lecadre 1
EBP - 2012 1
Summary: 2
I/ Executive summary: 3
The objective: 4
The mission: 4
The opportunities for success: 4
II/ The product 4
How did I find my idea? 5
The product description: 5
The concept: 5
The technology: 6
The unique selling point: 7
III/ The Company: 8
Legal structure: 9
The location: 9
The employees: 10IV/ Marketing analysis: 11
The target: 11
Market study: 11
The French shoe market: 11
The potential and real market: 12
The competition: 13
The promotion: 13
The prices: 14
The SWOT analysis: 14
V/ Financial plan: 15
The opening: 16
The first year: 17
Sales estimation: 17
Expenses: 17
Second and third year: 21
Financial analysis: 22
V/ The future development: 23Appendix 1: 24
Appendix 2: 25
Appendix 3: 26

I/ Executive summary:
The objective:
My main objective is to propose a new concept, giving a brand new youth to a classic market: the shoe market. Through this project, I intend to show how I'll add value to my product by letting the consumer feel unique and create his own style and looks.
I aim to change the shoe image: heels will be worn onlywhen wanted and accessories can be stuck on as many times as desired.
The mission:
My mission is to give women a product to make them feel creative and fashionable by including them in the production process.
My mission is to provide them the possibility of having less pairs of shoes but with a more personal and unique style. I want to create a real ambiance around this concept in which womencould feel themselves and express that through creation.
Finally, I propose a product which is practical since it avoids having a second pair of flat shoes in the hand bag for driving.
The opportunities for success:
This concept represents an opportunity thanks to a huge potential consumer market as well as the rising shoe market sector.
I also have the innovative factor: my productdoesn't exist yet. I thus have the surprise effect as well as almost no competition.

II/ The product
How did I find my idea?
Like a lot of women, I love shoes. We love having shoes that match each of our outfits. That’s why we always have a lot of pairs in our closets. But of course, especially for students, shoes are expensive. That’s why I thought that if we could have one pair of shoes thatcan match with all our outfits, it will resolve a lot of problems. Having this idea in mind, I immediately saw that to accomplish this concept my shoes will have to change in order to be as different as we want them to be.
Therefore, I thought about the scrapbooking trend that has a lot of success. This fashionable activity consists of adding accessories to frames. The accessories are composedof anything that you can stick, glue, add, draw or write on a picture. It's a concept that above all allows each one to be different by personalization. The main addicts of this trend are women. In fact, women love to personalize things, in order to feel more unique. I could now start to think of a new application of this concept. Why not propose customizable shoes? It could be a way for women toexpress themselves. And on top of that, it let's them have just one pair of shoes that can match with all their outfits simply by adding accessories to it. My concept will then be to personalize shoes with removable accessories and I could name it "Scrapshoesing" after the famous book customization trend.

The product description:
The concept:
My concept is entirely new in France and therest of Europe.
I will sell two sorts of products. First I will sell flat basic shoes that will be available in different colors and shapes. This shoe is the one we can see on the extreme left of the illustration below. Then I will propose different accessories that can be added to the basic shoes: heels of different shapes and heights, bows, ornamental stickers, etc.

In my store, I would...