Butterfly lion (michael morpugo)

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The Butterfly Lion is a book about a boy, Bertie, who lives in Africa. It is a great read because it is well written, the words flow and make you feel that you are part of the story. Also, thedescriptions are so good that you can picture in your head what Africa looks like!

The story is exciting and mysterious; it really starts after a couple of chapters when one day, at the waterholesomewhere in South Africa around 1904, Bertie sees a mummy lion with her cubs (one of the babies is white). When he goes home to he tells his parents that he has seen a white lion, they do not believe himbecause they do not know that they exist. Determined to prove that he did not lie, he goes back the next day and everyday after that, but without luck.

One day, his dad comes back and says "We'vegot her!" as he puts the body of the dead lioness down. Bertie realizes straightaway that it is the cubs' mother. He is devastated, thinking the cubs will die without her. But that night, he sees thewhite cub and that is where their friendship starts...

My favourite part is when Bertie is in the Army; he is at the battlefield all alone in the middle of the enemy's gunfire and rescues twowounded soldiers for which he will get a medal. I thought it was dead exciting: I was scared that Bertie was going to die and I felt really tense and sweaty!

I also loved the characters: Bertie (thehero), Millie ( his friend who later on becomes his wife) and the boy who runs away from school (who I think is Michael Morpugo himself). They are all are all very captivating because of what happens tothem and we share with them moments that are funny, exciting, scary and sometimes sad. I have a soft spot for Bertie because he is adventurous, brave and a very good man, and I wish I had afriendship as strong as his with the lion.

The book is also interesting because different people tell the story: at first it is the boy who I think is Michael Morpugo who explain why he is running away...