Buy nothing day

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Consequences; - The earth suffers
- Buying useless stuff destroys the environment
- You don’t know the value of money- Shopaholic
- Money problems

Advices; - Leave your money at home.
- Reduce spending when its useless
- Reinvest your money- Give adonation
- Reinvest your time
- Think before buying, do you really need it?
- Make the difference between wanting or needing
-Make a list and stick to it!
- Start to realize the problem

On November twentieth two thousand and nine, it’s BUY NOTHING DAY at Time Square. There will be shows, animationsfor the tall ones and for the small ones! Of course totally free!
Buy Nothing Day is your special day for not shopping, not spending but to unwind.
At least for just one day relax and donothing for the economy and for yourself.
My question is: “Can you really buy absolutely nothing just for one day?” You might say “SURE! “
If not it’s maybe time to start to realize theproblem, we only got one earth and it is suffering! I bet you don’t have a clue of how much an Americain has spent on black Friday in two thousand and seven? Record breaking, three hundred andseven dollars.
In fact, in statistics, Americans are always buying useless stuffs, we don’t know the value of money and we got money problems! So why not just listen to those advices;
- Leaveyour money at home when you go out; - Reinvest your time and also your money,
- Avoid mall, - Reduce spending, - Make a list and stick to it!
And especially, be careful of not beingshopaholic!
Recapture the essence of giving, not getting because we can give it back. We can make a difference! Live everyday in the spirit of Buy Nothing Day!
BUY NOTHING DAY it’s now or never!