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Before the interview and thus the negotiation of your future wage, it is very important to know the company you are applying for. Moreover, before going to the interview,you have to establish your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement) thus yours limits, yours expectations.

The company

The Cadhoc society is leader on the market of the gift tokenmulti-signs thanks to its innovative positioning and its strong brand image.

2008, Cadhoc in numbers :
• 34,9 millions of gift token
• 388.2 millions of euros in emission volume
• 7.8 millions ofusers
• 35 420 point of sales

The company searches a person, autonomous with taste of challenges and who likes to work in team, for the position of MARKETING MANAGER B TO B. The marketing managerwill have to win new international customers and therefore enlarge our market.

Candidate profile:

• Have a Bachelor in International Trade
• Speak French, English and Dutch
• Be dynamic andautonomous
• Evolve in a dynamic group

Salary : 30.000 € / per year

My BATNA (Best alternative to a negotiated agreement)

Establish your BATNA before negotiating is essential because you knowclearly what are yours limits and expectations. During the negotiation, if the opponent offers you a better agreement than your BATNA, you should accept it. But, if the agreement is not better thanyour BATNA, you should reopen negotiations.

Basis wage: 45.000€/year + benefits

*Benefits: - Company Car
- Gas Card
- Mobile Phone
- Credit Card
- Free access tonegotiation’s conferences


To tackle the question of salary, it is always delicate. That is why you have to let the interviewer introduce this subject. If he doesn’t speakabout the wage and if it is very important for you to know how much you will earn, wait to the right moment to tackle it.

My first suggestion: 50.000€/year


- Thanks to my studies...