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California’s interconnected water system serves over 30 million people and irrigates a lot of farmland. As the world’s largest, most productive, and most controversial water system because California is the states which is the richest states and the most populated states in the USA, it manages over 49 km3 of water per year. Our text will be speak about four things which is the geographicsituation of the California, the reason of the requirement of water , the building like barrage realized for take care of water and the war about water.

The states of California is a states of south-eastern of U.S.A, next to Oregon (North), Nevada and Arizona (west) and Mexico (South). In the eastern, there is the Pacific ocean. California is mountain area. Effectively, there are a lot of mountainsin California: The Sierra Nevada in eastern, Mojave Desert in southern, Coas ranges and Peninsular ranges in western and Klamath Mountains in Northern. At the center of the state, is The Great Valley. Next to the Ocean, there are some valleys between the mountains.
Generally, we can say that California has a particular Mediterranean climate ( because the summer is cool and foggy.) but there are 3big climate in California. First, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, it is a temperate climate like France. But there is a mountain climate on Sierra Nevada. And the last, an arid climate on the Mojave Desert.
In California, there are not a lot of precipitations: in north-western and Sierra Nevada, there are medium precipitations. In the Great Valley, the center of the states, the south-westernand the Pacific coasts, there are less precipitations. And finally in the Southern of the state, there are very very less precipitations like in the Death Valley where there are less 50mm of precipitations.

Several principal lakes are presents in California: Clear Lake, Mono Lake, Lake Honey, Lac taoe( a very big artificial lake 502km2) and Salton sea (the biggest artificial lake ofCalifornia.).
And the last water resources are the rivers. The most important is the Colorado. But there is an another important river in California: the Sacramento river in the north of the state. Otherwise, there are some others little and medium rivers in California.

Map of California

The principal reason of the growing of requirement of water is the growing of the population because moreinhabitants mean more food, more agriculture and more and more water consumed by the humans and the agriculture, more and more needing of water.....
We can see a large augmentation of the population since 1940 and before which means a large augmentation of requirement of food and water.

The second problem is the barrage on the Colorado which takes a lot of water and give less water for theCalifornia, moreover the farmer in the north of Los Angeles take a lot of water from the Sacramento River.
The third problem is the Snow in the mountain because snow is water and they're is less and less snow in the mountain because of global warming.
Moreover the precipitation of water in California are not well distributed , there is a lot of precipitation in the north, 69.0 km3 annual ofprecipitation in North Coast and only 6.78 km3 in San Francisco Bay. The majority of California water is used by the agricultural industry about 80-85% of all California water is used for agriculture. Urban users consume 10% of the water, or around 10.73 km3

The north California receives 80% of the rain, but the south California use a big part of the water (A lot of fort agriculture). For 3 years adrought affects the south California.
For the California’s problem water build some things to take the water like the dams, the bigger dam is the “hoover dam” which takes a great part of the Colorado but this solution are not good for the environment and there are lots of dam on the Colorado like the Canyon parker, the glen Dam, The imperial Diversion Dam, the Davis Dam, the Palo Verde Dam and...
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