Canterbury cathedral

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Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral is a part of the most famous Christian monuments in England.This cathedral is located in Canterbury Town , in Kent.
The county of kent is situated inthe south east of England , next to East Sussex.
Nowdays , The archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is the leader of Anglican Communion (association of national and regional Anglican Churches ) andthe church of England.
In Our Presentation , we will see the History of the cathedral (archbishops , renovations ) ,and in a second part , how the cathedral is constitued , in which we will seethe differents parts of this cathedral and Finally , why the cathedral is also a place of worship and a touristic place?

I.The history

The first archbishop of Canterbury was St Augustin . He wassent by the pope Gregoire The Great in 594 as a missionary to the Anglo-Saxon.
The mission was often called the Gregorian mission : The mission aimed at converting the Anglo-Saxon to christiany.In 602 , St Augustin built the Cathedral.Since 602 there had been a community around the cathedral.

In the 10 th century , this community became a monks community of Benedictine , whichdisappeared in 1540, on an order of the king Henry VIII.
At that time , the cathedral worked as a monastery.
Trough the century , there had been many rebuilts of the catheral , today only parts of thequire and the stained glass of the windows dated from the 12 th century.
Between , all this period of rebuilt , the best know event was the murder of Thomas becket in 1170.
Thomas Becket was made anarchbishop by Henry II in 1162 but he became unloyal to the King.

One day ,while Henry II was steaming because his plan plan to usurp th identity of Thomas Becket didn't worked ,four knights,overhead the king's rage and decided to kill the archbishop in the north east transept of the Cathedral.
Becket was the second archbishop of canterbury who was murdered (Alphege was the first he was...