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CAP & Prospectus – Quick Guide
When you first log in to the website visit My Account to change your password to a
more memorable one – make sure it has atleast one capital letter, seven characters
and one number in it. Keep this safe!
 My Profile - Complete all 5 parts:
 Personal Details – enter your details including phonenumber and email
 Qualifications – enter the qualifications you currently studying.
 Work Experience – enter details of any work experience or part time jobs.
Interests – write about activities you enjoy in your spare time.
 Referees – enter details of people who can write you a reference.
 Prospectus – Search for courses
 Go to the16+Courses tab at the top of the webpage
 Search for courses by Keyword (subject for example), Qualification, Provider
and Level.
 Alternatively go to the Where to Learn tab tosearch for providers by A-Z and
browse their course and information pages.
 When you find a course you may be interested in studying use the Bookmark
Course button to saveit in your My Bookmarks folder.
 My Bookmarks
 All your Bookmarked courses will be listed here. Add to or amend them at
any time.
 Make an Application
 When you haveconsidered your options carefully and Bookmarked the
courses go to Make an Application to apply online (from 1st October 2010
 My Applications
 This lists all theApplications you have sent online. Login regularly to track
your applications and respond to any offers etc.
 My Messages
 You can send and receive Messages from your ConnexionsPersonal
Advisor. Their name will appear on your main Summary Page, so you can
contact them if you need help making choices or have any questions about
you options at post 16.