Caracteristique du contrat de travail

Pages: 2 (417 mots) Publié le: 21 avril 2011
cream, cream, cream, cream, cream

skinny black nikka

the opposite of barry

pockets full of dead peoples call it cimetary

Im about cream, large on the streets scenes

everytime i touchmics , watch a nikka come clean

Verqe 1

posted in the club we strapped up like them Adidas

Mali , i put on for my city like a million bags

like a million bags , put on like a million bagskillin all thez rappers boy its ugly im a maniac

she say I look like ben frank...wut a ressemblance

she blew me like an advance

but watch a nikka handle shit

boy im finna blow up like ataliban

real nikkaz s s salute me like veteran

i always keep the bill like that nikka cosby

brown paper bag, make nikkaz wonder like stevy

i keep stacks like i brought Oustkast wit mepockets full of dead presidents like a cimetary

dark shades .. mosley tribes posted like im nicky barnes

strip clubs lap dances .. throwing up a couple ones

Shit im finna make a couple oz,duncan donuts

pull up in that range rova haters be like Oh nuts

posted in the club.. booties rub against my jeans

nikkaz trip we flip on em like Dub Magazine

on my king shit , like themiddle east

Hottest nikka coming out and I TALKING A SUMMER BREEZE



Im a problem reason why they talkin rubish

but fuck it i be off bullshits no scottie pippen

motherfuck thefame i be all about my profetes

feel the pain in my voice and i aint fuckin talkin teddy

insane , fuck sharings finna eat the whole plate

I flow amazing got theze nikka lost cuz i blazegames full of fakes boy im finna renovate

got roomz full of haze , bitches waitn to get laid


Nowadayz it aint really a big deal

Mama said i came wit a gift no H meal

Name tatted onmy arms a reason for me to kill

if it aint about the money boy keep your lips sealed

I be all about me like ennie

white tee black hoodie just to match my chuck tz

and Im coming for it...
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