Carbon offsetting

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Carbon Offsetting – Assignment Energy Efficiency ME3023

ROLLE Sabrina
ASTON University


Summary 4
Introduction 5
Sources of global Greenhouses gases 6
United Kingdom Situation 7
What is Carbon Offsetting? 9
Offset Standards 10
The relation with Energy efficiency 11
First Steps before to choose an offset provider 12
How to choose an offsetprovider? 13
Carbon offset project types 14
Carbon Offsetting and Press 16
Conclusion 21
References 22
Appendix I 24
Appendix II 26
Appendix III 27
Appendix IV 28
Glossary 30


Carbon Offsetting is a way to reduce our CO2 emissions by funding projects such as building a wind farm etc. Indeed, the C02 is one of the causes of global warming.
There are two types ofcarbon offsetting, such as the compliance carbon offsetting and the voluntary carbon offsetting. The difference between the two is that the voluntary carbon offsetting is independent of Kyoto Protocol and local regulatory systems.
Whether you are a business or an individual we can all buy offsets (CERs, VERs…). Therefore each of us can contribute to a greener environment.
To choose which type ofoffsets to purchase, it is best to visit the official website of "Department of Energy and Climate Change". There is a significant level of advice available to give the best information in order to act in an environmentally friendly manner. This is also in appliance to the Quality Assurance Scheme for Carbon offsetting to help you choose a good quality offset. However, you can find a list of approvedprojects already by the Government.
There are several types of projects such as the bio sequestration, Methane Capture, Renewable Energy…
From the perspective of the Press, Carbon Offsetting is still inconclusive for a way to solve our current problems even if it is necessary.


Walking down the street, watching TV, or buying food, ecology is everywhere.
Indeed, nowadays theecology is paramount.
When one focuses on the findings of Al Gore and his colleagues compared the future of the Earth, it is something to be scared of. A person cannot ignore global warming, it is the source of many disasters and the melting of glaciers.
It has become obligatory for humans to find solutions to this crisis which we associate the greatest responsibility. One of the solutions isCarbon Offsetting. But what exactly is it? How does it work? How is it funded? Etc.
The purpose of this study is to initially discuss greenhouse gases emissions and then progress onwards to the study of Carbon Offsetting.
By using the press as a source in order to show another point of view, that the information provided by sellers of offsets.

Sources of global Greenhouses gases

CO2,Carbon dioxide, is the second most important greenhouse gas in atmosphere, and is suspected to be the one cause of the climate warming.
Human activities, such as using car, turning on a light, etc. create carbon emissions. (Figures 1 & 2)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Source: IPPC Fourth AssessmentReport AR4, Technical Summary, Work Group III, p.29

The largest growth in global greenhouse gas emissions occurred between 1970 and 2004 and mainly has come from the energy supply sector, which saw an increase in gas by 145 per cent.
Global energy intensity decreased by 33 per cent between 1970 and 2004. However this has been offset by the combined effects of global income growth percapita (77 per cent) and global population growth (69 per cent).

United Kingdom Situation

According to the statical release of the “Department of Energy & Climate Change”
(Appendix I), UK emissions of greenhouse gases in 2009 were 8.6 per cent lower than the 2008 figure of 628.3 million tonnes (Table 1 & Figure 3).

Table 1: Emissions of greenhouse gases

| 2008 | 2009(p) |...