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In this picture , we can see two characters , a child and his mother . The scene takes place in the living room .In the foreground , there are the two characters : the child is wearing a t-shirt , baskets and jeans together with a cap . He’ s got a bagand some book in his hands. Secondly , we can say that he is talking to his mother because he’s got his mouth open and he is looking at her .About the mother , she is wearing a pull over with a jeans and baskets and she’s got big earring . Her eyes wide-eyed suggest that she isshocked by what she is hearing . In the background , we can see a room which could be a dining room or something like that .
To me , thecartoonist is not mocking the character in the picture but in the caption : “ What a school day ! The computer broke down and we had tolisten!” . He wants to denounce new technologies at school which could harm at work : here , the computer . In his opinion , this is not good forchildren because they forget the concept of work. From the point of view of the children, it is quite normal not to listen at the teacher , heseems even surprised to have to listen at the teacher . Instead , the mother seems stunned , probably because of the change from when she wasat school . That’s why we can say that t vv vgthis picture and this caption also show the generation shift between fathers and children.