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Information Sheet Partner University

University Name
Website Address of the Business School Country - State

UNIVERSIDAD CARLOS III SPAIN Edificio 8 (Rectorado) - Despacho 8.0.21C/ Madrid, 126 28903 Getafe (Madrid)


Servicio de Relaciones Internacionales Edificio 8 - Rectorado Calle Madrid, 126 28903 Getafe, Madrid Spanish and English Incoming UndergraduateLanguage of Courses Level of Students Study for

Web address for academic calendar arios_academicos (exchange students) Term dates forthe academic year, Fall semester: 06/09/2010 – 15/12/2010 Spring semester: 24/01/2011 – 06/05/2011 including exams Period of Exchange Program / Department(s) (Available for incoming exchange) / Lengthof program Web address for choice of courses One semester Bachelor in Busienss Administration ess_administration/study_program No _lazaro_carreter/informacion_general Load per 30 ECTS

Double degree Language courses Recommended Semester Credit

Contact hours per course23/09/2010 - International Relations Department

Information Sheet Partner University
No. of credits per course UC3M does not require a MINIMUM or MAXIMUM of Minimum workload per semester subjectsper Semester. Logically, the minimum is 1 subject per (credits) semester, and we recommend a maximum of 30 ECTS or 6 subjects per Semester. Maximum workload per semester (credits) Teaching MethodsSpanish NP < 4.9 5 to 5.9 6 to 6.9 7 to 7.9 8 to 8.9 9 to 10 10 MH Grading System No report Fail F Sufficient E Satisfactory D Good C Very Good B Excellent A Excellent

Grading Scale

Minimum GPARequirement & Exchange other requirements for

Good command of Spanish and English For up-dated information, please refer to Tableau des places on ISIS As an Exchange student, no previous English...