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Introduction 3

I] The content of the strategy 8

II] Importance of people: 11

III] The solutions to achieve the strategic plans 13

Conclusion and Recommendations: 16

Bibliography 17

The need of expanding the tourism market is becoming essential in many emerged countries. It is first a way to diversify the sources of the GrossDomestic Market and make tourists aware of new cultural destinations; a share of culture, a share of land. Because Dubai took care of this specific asset, it has starting to think about its own touristic position in the world. In 2002, Dubai came up with the idea of creating a global competitive entertainment and leisure hub that would increase the number of tourists attracted to Dubai and alsoincrease the length of their stay.

It is a huge project that would host about 40 attractions, including a “Universal Studios theme park, the world’s largest snow dome, a Jurassic Park and a, exclusive Tiger Woods golf center. The hotels and residential areas could welcome over 15 million visitors per year.” To drive such a big project, Dubai’s government asked Christian Perdrier (aformer Disneyland Paris executive) to deal with a strategy for the pharaohic project. In 2007, he was asking in five days to give the project meaning and impose a deadline. Moreover, he had to “deliver on infrastructure, manage projects owned by the group as well as those owned by external investors, manage alliances with third parties and hire some 10,000 people while preparing the ground for the250,000 employees that would work in Dubailand at final completion.”
Because the destination was open to all bidders interested in entertainment, the Dubailand Company, part of the Dubailand destination will have to manage 26 investor projects. This will require a lot of organization in the supply chain process as well as an efficient communication between all different parts. Any steps ofthe project will have to be neglected to ensure the client’s satisfaction.

First of all, before considering the pertinence of the whole project, it is unavoidable to take into account the Dubai’s destination. Why would tourists come in Dubai more than before; what are they seeking when looking at a new destination; what can Dubai bring to a tourist? Many internal and external factors have to bedeeply studied to guarantee the success of this colossal project. Hospitality offers have to be more than attractive for tourists who are used to coming for few days as transit to another final destination (especially between Europe and Asia). The hub would have to provide a truly multicultural profile because of all different nationalities coming in the target area; and all of this would not besystematically enough for the hub to be known as the new fashion destination; every steps of the project implementation including management process is more than ever fundamental to guarantee or not the success of Dubailand.

Before trying to reach a global strategy and propose it to the chairman, we will first introduce the Dubai’s global market and destination as well as the tourismmarket, taking into consideration all external and internal factors. Having too many interlocutors to deal with, we will then set all key priorities needed to get speed of delivery. We will also try to define how we will share this strategy and with whom. After setting up the team and make trusty our relationships with all the actors of the supply chain, we will hopefully end up obtaining consistentand high level of customer experience in the design and running of Dubailand.
Brief current report

What has already been done? What are the decisions taken by the CEO? How the land would be organized according to the article?

It is first important to define the current situation to better understand the strategy we will have to undertaken. Indeed, the quantity of Dubailand information,...