Causes and consequences og globalization on carrefour

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The Causes and Consequences of Globalization on Carrefour

I’ve chosen Carrefour because it’s a French company and it is present everywhere, in every city in France so it’s very interesting to see how a company grows up, how with only one shop in 1957 there are more than 15,000 shops now.
Firstly, I’m going to introduce the company, then, I’m going to explain the expansionof Carrefour in China and to finish, I’m going to explain effects of globalization for Carrefour.
Presentation of Carrefour The first Carrefour store opened on 3 June 1957, in suburban Annecy near a crossroads (_carrefour_ in French). The group was created by Marcel Fournier, Denis Defforey and Jacques Defforey and grew into a chain from this first sales outlet.
Michel Bon left thegroup in 1992 and he’s replaced by Daniel Bernard. It’s during his mandate that the group purchased his international size and established everywhere.
Carrefour has 15130 shops in the world (13189 in Europe, 1106 in Latin America, 574 in Asia and 261 franchisees in Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Slovakia, Japan, …). All in all, Carrefour is present in 31 countries and employs 490,000 persons in theworld.
It has different stores: 1208 hypermarkets, 2882 supermarkets, 6160 hard discount stores, 4726 convenience stores, 166 cash and carry and e-commerce.
Carrefour is a limited company with a board of directors, its registered office is situated in Levallois-Perret in France and the director is for now Lars Oloffson.
The majority shareholders are Blue Capital (10.69%),Autocontrole (2.82%), Blue Partners (2.15%), Employees (1.05%) and Arnault Group (0.71%).
Principal competitors of Carrefour are Wal-Mart, Tesco and Metro AG at the international level and Auchan, Casino and E-Leclerc in France.
Expansion of Carrefour in China The success of Carrefour in China is connected to the combination of three factors Carrefour is a group which leaped very earlyin the international. For 42 years, the group knew multiple experiments in various countries. It is also the first one to have become established in China. 18 years ago, Carrefour opened the first hypermarket in Taiwan. This experiment in Taiwan facilitated afterward the presence in mainland China. Finally Carrefour by becoming established in mainland China in 1995 introduced the concept ofhypermarket nonexistent in this time. The name of Carrefour in China means "happiness and prosperity for the family ". Carrefour opened its doors in Peking in 1999. [The opening of the first Carrefour was a spectacular event] tell Jean-Luc Chéreau. [For the first time, the Chinese discovered under the same roof, the quantities of articles and products as they had never seen previously and at lowprices] pursues the president of Carrefour.
It is in the Chinese customs to make its shopping daily early in the morning in the numerous street markets and to return there in the evening to buy of what to prepare the dinner. With the arrival of hypermarkets, it is another way of consuming which develops. The modern shops, which addresses only unless 20 % of the Chinese population, is brought todevelop in a considerable way with the development of the middle classes, eager for consumer. [The convenience food developed in 40 years in the United States, in 20 years in France and in 10 years in China] note Dominique Desjeux.
The strategy of Carrefour
Post-globalization position of Carrefour Disadvantages of the globalization The Chief Executive Director, Daniel Bernard, isreplaced in 2005 by José Duran, who try, as soon as he arrives, to “put right” group situation. He stops some activities in countries where business are in deficit, little profitable, or for which the group doesn’t have enough power (i.e when the group isn’t in the three best). So, in 2005, Carrefour closed its shops in Mexico, in Japan and in the Czeth Republic.
The group has sold a lot of...