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Négociation commerciale


created in 1996 by …......, …...... is a company that provides consultancy in image and produces decors. …..... allies creativity and the manufacturing ofeither ephemeral or long lasting decors with the intention of helping his customers to a modern and refined image while keeping a coherence in line with the identity of the brand.
…...... principallyprovides stand solutions, events creations and indoor agencement.


The staff is composed of a team of 10 executives who manages the various services (management, accounts, sales,marketing, project officers) and 2 others teams of about ten workers under contract (kind of temporary work) for the manufacturing and the assembly of the furnitures.


Mainly discotheques,restaurants, or big groups avid to change premises or to create an advertising event. The customers have generally big budgets but are also very demanding.
For the moment, …...sells only inFrance, but some projects are in progress with Spain


…... is the main competitor in France, but the market is vast and the customers numerous. The others competitors are insignificant inthe french market.

Product :

….... chose to equip its events concepts with pouffes Fatboy

Official description : « Our iconic Fatboy® the Original is everyone'sfriend. It's proven to stand out and fit in anywhere, without acting like it's some better version of itself (like all the Original fakes out there). With its generous size and energizing comfort, itis always there to maximize whatever pleasure you choose. Fatboy® the Original is truly yours!... »
Source : FatBoy official website

Aviable in 15 colors, Fatboy can be used everywhere and iseasily washable.
Size : 140cm x 180 cm.
Price : 149€

Strengths and weaknesses


Premises distributed between Brussels, London and Paris
Cohesion of the nucleus "executives"...