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CFAV 1570

CFAV is the old name of a French-Canadian radio station located in Laval, Quebec, not far from Montreal. Its means of broadcasting is AM. When the radio station was first launchedon March 9th 2004, its format started with a mix of adult standards and oldies and evolved in June 2005 to a format focusing only on oldies. The radio station was first providing music from thelate 1950s, the 1960s and the early 1970s “the oldies”). Since 2007, when the station was taken over by Pierre Marchand, it started to include music from the 1980s. Since early 2007, CFAV playedmusic taken from the period 1960-1985. Although the radio station first identified itself as “Radio Nostalgie”, it was later called “Radio Boomer AM 1570”.Because of low ratings, the owners of the radio wanted to shut CFAV down. However it was purchased by Michel Mathieu, a broadcast adviser and owner of a radio group. RadioBoomer was temporarily re-branded as Laval 1570 AM.
On July 24th 2010 CFAV became the current CJLV station. For the time being, CJLV is playing a large variety of French and English music,interrupted by advertisements and sporadic announcements about the eventual relaunch.

Information about CJLV was quite easy to find, as the station was dealt with in Canadian newspaper, at the timeof the purchase by Mathieu’s company. A radio with music covering such a broad period (50’s to 80’s) is quite an interesting concept. In France we are more used to listening to radios providingmusic from one particular decade. I believe that a radio station such as CJLV could be fairly successful in France, as it plays French and English music and could thus be aimed at a Frenchaudience. Moreover, those who are really acquainted with the “oldies” are very few nowadays. The radio could help spreading good old music we have all forgotten about or we have never heard before.