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Case Study.
1. How do you judge Cheryls approach?

We think that Cheryls ideas to generate profit and to growth are correct, but in the other hand we think that the way she is taken to achievethe plan are incorrect.


* She wants to expand the Market in every viable market (moving from the upscale market to the midmarket)
* She want to set the Company at the pole position* She wants to get the Bull- Eye contract ( to meet the boards growth targets)
* She want to improve the design working with in-house designers and other design Companies.
* She istoo aggressive.
* The Company is a familiar Company, and it is important to maintain the familiar Atmosphere.
* She is just 6 month in the Company and want to offshore the production, thedecisions are taken too fast.
* She is a lone warrior, she takes the decisions alone, she think her vision is the best.
How would you behave and what would you do in her place?
a) Mr. Swensen (exCEO) has a big influence on the other members of the board of directors. We think that Cheryl should listen and take his advices how to handle the situation. She has to agree with the board ofdirectors and support them in any decision.

b) The management team is very important. They are the key of the Company. She has to ask them for propositions and not impose them. It is important to workand find a solution together so that everybody is satisfied.

c) Mark knows the Company for a lot of years much better that Cheryl. She has to work with him and hear his advices. Not just tellhim what he has to do, but finding together a solution ( outsourcing production problem). She is going too fast, she has to go slowly first look how the situation is, ask for opinions advice and thenfind a right solution for the whole organization.

d) To think flexible is the key. Cheryls is fixed in the Bull- Eye contract and she thinks there is just one way to get it by outsourcing,...