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An interactive tour of ELLIS ISLAND !

Go on that link ...

...and find information about the place where immigrants arrivedin the USA !

1. How many immigrants passed through Ellis Island ? More than 12 million immigrants passed through these doors.
2. What did they want to become? They went to become laborers,servants, peasants, and artisans.
3. « STOP 1 » : a- When did Ellis Island open ? Ellis island opened the first january of 1892., b- How did new arrivers get to Ellis Island ? They got to EI by ferry.
c- listen to Lawrence and say how the conditionswere in steerage . They sleep on banks with his family, the food was not good and the conditions were terible.
4. « STOP 2 , photos » : what was the major group to enter America through EllisIsland?
Immigrants entered the main building through its ground floor baggage room.
5. « STOP 3 » : a- what was the first test immigrants had to pass? Doctors stood at the top : they werelooking for anyone having difficulty coming up the steps. If a medical problem or disability was suspected, one of seventeen different chalk marks was put on the person's clothing.b- were women marked if they were pregnant ? If yes, what mark ? Marks was put on the person's clothing
6. « STOP 4 » : a- why were medical exams required for each immigrant ? Themain purpose of these exams was to find persons with contagious diseases or conditions that would make them unable to work. So the main purpose was the work. Americans wont to immigrants work in theUSA : it was a work force not expensive.
b- what happened if they didn't pass the medical exam ? If they didn't pass the medical exam, the steamship company that...