Chap 41 the other side of truth

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English Speciality : Beverley Naïdoo « the other side of truth »

Summary of chapter 41:

-Christmas preparative for King family.
-The evening23th, father, Folarin Solaja, doesn’t call at home, nevertheless (pourtant) usually (d’habitude) makes it.
-Sade is very worry, she wonderes if he didnot fall ill cause of hunger strike (grève de la faim).
-Uncle Roy decide to call the prison, he learns that Mr Solaja was transferred at thehospital, but not anymore…
-At night, Sade can’t stop her negative thinking about her father.
-The morning 24th, Sade hears the door’s ring, it’s 7 o’clock,she jumps up to her bed and hear the enjoyement exclamations of Aunt Gracie and Uncle Roy.
-Sade go down the marches of the staircase, they see theirthin (maigre) father, supported by uncle Dele.
-Sade and Femi jump into his arms.
-They go to lounge and Folarin tells them how he went out of jail.-After 10 days of hunger strike he had a problem at the breast (poitrine) and was transferred in a hospital department.
-He contacted immediately thelawyer on his personal phone number.
-The lawyer (Mr Nathan), contacted a minister who allowed to release him, he also obtain authorizations to livein England for 6 months.
-After have listen the story of her father, Sade decide to write an letter to her grand-mother who’s stay alone in Nigeria.-The father returned for his children many things of their house in Nigeria
-Football gloves (gants) for Femi and the Sade’s favorite wooden statues.