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Ophélie Blanc Tes2

Life of pi was published in 2003 and it quickly became a best seller. According to the Daily Telegraph “it’s an original and hilarious novel”. It was loved by the critics and it also won the prestigious man booker prize which is British prize. It was written by Yann Martel a Canadian author, who is a globe trotter so he’s very open-minded.He wrote two other novels but they were failures. He was inspired to write this novel while he was inspired to write this novel while he was staying in India. Mr Martel used his knowledge of philosophy, zoology and religion that he gained during his studies to write an original novel.
It’s the story of Pi Patel an Indian who lived in a zoo during his childhood. His father is the directory of a zooand he gave Pi his passion for animals.
Chapter five and six, Pi told us about his name and how as a boy he managed to change how he was viewed and how his name was used at petit Seminaire. Explanations of Pi’s name take up nearly as much text as his philosophizing about zoos. The literal number whose combinations never repeat also symbolises Pi’s journey will all its variations. Given theamount of energy that pi devotes to the ideas of rituals and routine in the life of zoo creatures, it is telling that he uses repetition to train his schoolmates and teacher into calling him Pi. One day at school, he leaps during roll call and writes his full name on the blackboard; then he underlines his preferred nickname Pi and speaks it aloud. He carries out in act in each classroom during everyroll call to the point. Where his follow students start to follow along. For humans as well as animals repetition proves to be a very good teacher.
We return to pi’s Pondicherry narrative, Pi recalls his relationship with Mr Satish Kumar, his biology teacher at petit Seminaire. Kumar was his favourite teacher and his first atheist Pi ever met. Mr Kumar is an atheist communist with whom Pi feels adeep Kinship. In fact Pi says atheist are simply people of a different faith with strong beliefs. It is agnostics, full of doubt and uncertainly and devoid of faith whom Pi cannot stomach. This chapter ties back to chapter one, in which Pi discusses his respect for religion and science but his lack of respect for agnostics and living in doubt.
In this chapter we speak about religion, we know thatMr Kumar is atheist and that Pi belief in god but we discover that Pi is not against atheists because atheists believe too, but in science. Pi is against agnostics because if you dubs so much you can’t move on.
In the first part we’ll see the language and imagery used to describe Mr kumar and what this character symbolises. In a second part we’ll speak about the paradoxical nature of religiousbelief in this chapter and what this tells us about the author. In last part we’ll stud the author’s use of opposition between light and darkness.

Firstly will speak about Kumar physical description. When Pi describe him he looks like really peculiar, and a bit strange! He is “bald”, has very “impressive jowls”,” narrow shoulders”, “massive stomach”, “stick-like legs”l6 p25 . But in more authoruse a lot of comparisons. Firstly to show us the imposing side of Kumar he compare him to a mountain “that looked like the base of a mountain”l8 p25; but the most important comparison is with geometrical forms “pointy”, “he looked like two triangles”, “parallel lines”, “triangular head”l13 p25, “his triangular form”l12 p26, I think this comparison is to do parallel with his scientific mind becausescientific mind is really blunt and logic like a geometrical form is clear and accurate. But we know too that Kumar is really unstable because he has skinny legs with big stomach so his gait is unsteady.
But we can do parallel with Kumar religion, he is atheist and like his geometrical form let think to his scientific mind, his unsteady gait let think that there is a relation with his belief....