Chevelure et une hemisphere dans une chevelure

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Melbourne French Theatre Inc.
“Princes Hill Gallery”
213 Canning Street
VIC, 3053
(03) 9349 2250

Dear .......................................Maître Michael Bula’s Melbourne French Theatre (Théâtre Français de Melbourne) will be presenting an Australian premiere of two unknown French plays by the renowned Frenchplaywright Molière. The unique double-bill event includes The Flying Doctor (Le Médecin Volant) and The Jealous Husband or Barbouillé’s Jealousy (La Jalousie de Barbouillée), twoshort plays performed entirely in French with English surtitles at the Collingwood College Theatre from Tuesday, 3rd May until Saturday 7th May. There will be a total of sevenperformances, including two Matinees and one Gala event. Melbourne French Theatre is currently seeking sponsors interested in supporting this unique theatre experience.

Spielabout play/resume/ French director.

Rates/options of sponsorship/benefits (tax-deductible, programs distributive to every person etc)

The Melbourne French Theatre Companywas founded in 1977 and has since then been performing an average of two plays per year. Privileged by the patronage of the French Embassy as well as the French ConsulateGeneral, the company is both the longest-running and only french theatre company in Australia. The company offers a unique theatre experience as we not only enrich Australians’knowledge of French culture, hence strengthening the liaison between France and Australia, we provide the exceptionally rare occasion of watching live theatre performed entirely in theFrench tongue. Melbourne French Theatre is the only company in Melbourne to provide the public with the authentic francophone experience on the stage.

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