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Bardon Mill

I choose my work placement in Bardon mill because it is a very beautiful region with a lot of history and it was near big town like Newcastle. I was alone, itwasn’t my choice but I think it was better for me because I never spoke french.

The YHA (Youth Hostel Association) is an association of cheap hostel in the United Kingdom. There are 200 Youth Hostels,bunkhouses and camping barns across England and Wales. 
The Yha Bardon mill is a medium hostel with 21 rooms and 75 beds. They’re 5 employees : Maggie deputy manager, Denise Housekeeper, Lee and Sarageneral assistant Keith past time, a manager: Mick, and 2 volunteer : Nina and me.
The YHA is an hostel who offer rooms for a cheap price (but you have to share the room with other peoples),breakfast, pack lunch and dinner.
You can buy lot of things in the reception, beers, sodas, candies, post cards…

Bardon Mill is located in the Northumberland region. It’s a very tourist region because wecan see the famous Hadrian’s Wall, it’s an agricultural region too, and there are enormously fields, grasslands with cows, sheep, and horses.

Lot of the customers are tourists group from all theEngland and sometimes other country who are between 30 and 60 years old and English primary school group to study the Hadrian’s wall history.
The only competitor in the area is the Pub near the YHA,it propose better rooms individual with more comfort but more expensive. The YHA is in partnership with the park centre who is very near the hostel.

There isn’t advertising or marketing for the YHA.The only way for have information about them is the website or the tourist information centre.

During my work placement, I didn’t do a lot of tasks;
The morning:
* 7.00am to 10.00 amBreakfast cooking, serving people and cleaning the kitchen
* 10.00 am to 12.30 am Housekeeping (cleaning bedrooms, make the bed, clean the mirror and the sink, changing sheets, do the over, clean...