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Christopher Johnson McCandless was born February 12, 1968 in El Segundo, California.
He is the son of Walt McCandless and Wilhelmina Johnson. He have a sister, Carine.
He was a very good student.In 1986, he is graduated from the Woodson High School.
After graduating from high school, Christopher went to Arizona for several weeks.
Then he finishes his studies and received his diploma from theUniversity. Shortly after he left his family a second time without warning.
He had a very complex personality. In fact, he rejected the modern consumer society and had distaste for the human being.He loved to read the book from Leon Tolstoï and Jack London.
Stubborn, he didn’t listen to remarks of his family. They made him remark his egocentrism.
Chris was a great athlete, the third bestrunner of his state.
Besides being solitaire, Chris loved wildlife. He spent much time in the campaign with his grandfather.
His journey took him in the southern United States in general.
He startedagain by Arizona, near a river. His car was destroyed by a torrent of mud; he continued his journey on foot.
He wandered in Los Angeles several weeks with bums. His journey continued in South Dakotawhere he worked on a ranch to save her trip to Alaska.
He arrived in Alaska six days after leaving the Dakota; he found a bus in which he settled. Living in perfect communion with nature.
He huntedsmall wild animals with his rifle and ate potato root.
Even if, before his departure, Chris was not sociable, his journey has changed his views.
Indeed, he makes the meeting of several totallydifferent people.
He worked for a farmer and became friends with him.
He spent several weeks with tramps, which allowed him to tell his plans.
He met a couple of hippies who was traveling. the couplewelcome Chris into a camp of hippies.
Following these meetings, he wrote "Happiness only real When shared."
He survived for one hundred and twelve days, several reasons for his death have been...