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You can bend it, twist.. you can misuse it…but even God cannot change the Truth.
Michael Levy---------------------------------------------
Michael Levy was born on the eleventh July nineteen forty four, he’s a British politican man and he’s a member of the House of lords. Michael getsinvolved in several organizations, and he is Tony Blair’s friend.

I choose his quotation because I find it’s really interesting, and easy to understand.
When weknow the hurting truth, we won’t believe it, We’re nervous and we want to go back up the time , but this is impossible .and sometimes, we want to kill, hurtsomebody. We can become mad, and be placed in a psychiatric hospital.
But if this is a nice truth, we’re happy, and we just want to take the most of the life.
So, thetruth can totally change your life.
This quote means that we can change the truth, come what may !

When Michael Levy says “ you can bend it, twist it…you canmisuse it” , we can imagine a picture of the truth, which is shaking, twisting this way and that. And I like it, I think it’s funny,

After, he tells” but even godcannot change the Truth”
For people which are believer, this is symbolic, because for them, God can do everything. So it means the truth is the truth, and nothing,nobody can change it.
You have to accept it, even it’s really difficult

For exemple, when we learn the death of a nearest, we’re annihilated, we don’tunderstand. But we can do everything to change this fact; the person is dead and will always be dead.

To conclude, I agree with Michael Levy’s quotation, which is really