Civil war

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The American Civil War or American Civil War is usually called, in the United States "civil war".
It is a civil war which will start on 12 April 1861 and ending on 9 April 1865.
Itinvolves the United States of America or "union" and the Confederate States of America.
They are managed by Jefferson Davis and collect 11 southern slave states.
Abraham Lincoln and the RepublicanParty leading the union which included all states abolitionnist and five border slave states.
hostilities began on 12 April 1861 when a military installation of the Union at Fort Sumter (SouthCarolina) was attacked by Confederate forces.
Robert.E.Lee, despite a series of victories over the armies of the Union , lost the Battle of Gettysburg in early July 1863.
It was the greatest battle onAmerican soil.
the conflict ended after 2 years that Ulysses.S.Grant and William.P.Sherman: two generals northerners appeared.
The southern states have been invaded by the union and the lastConfederate capitulate on 9 April 1865 and it was the Battle of Appomattox that ended the war at Secession.
The Civil War was born an opposition between north and south, which dates from the time of thebirth of the country.
During the war, this country is unable to manage taxes and shops.

That is why it is an alliance between the 13 founding states wich will unite against the british metropolis .Despite the pronunciation of the Southern States of a possible secession if Lincoln was elected, the Republican candidate: Abraham Lincoln was elected president in November 1860 with only 39.8% ofvotes
The Confederate States of America include South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, tenesse and North Carolina.
The generals northerners with anumerical and material superiority will not hesitate to launch bloody attacks at the contrary of the southern commander who, conscious of his inferiority is less horrible
The Civil War was the...