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The economy is a double of the economy of india. The output comes from these regions (silicon valley_High-tech companies). These regions are connected with the rest of the world.

Thedinamyc of the labour force is a huge advantage. Is regularly increase by the immigration. I’ts a pressure for the low wages. Overall 50% of A today have a high shcool diploma. 20% of A have hisdegree because the education pays. There’s a contrast between the two part.1500 for people who have a doctorat a week. It’s have a huge impact in the salary. 9% of people have no degree. 3% din’t havetheir degree last year.

30% of A have only one job. Mostly have three. There’s a decrease of the mobility. In certain areas like Detroit the prices of house block this mobility.65% of A own a house.French are more protective because they don’t work a lot. The average of hour in A is 45 hours a week. They tend to work longer hours. Us workforce has developed recently.

Two tie market: Therichest 10% have increase their salary 16 time higher. 18% concerned the top ten % of salary. People at the bottom become poorer. The salries at the top have exploded. They are srill 12% that isconsidered like poor.

The financial bay light come from the Huge companies (gret financial power)which have received million dollars bond. Early 1990, High-tech developed/ matured (processor, satellite…).The competitiveness of A companies is due to this information technologies. They have to plan an advance in case of demand. Ther more accurate information and the computer makers have to keep growinginnovations. Streamlining the acceleration process accelering the new economy (microsft, apple, Disney, ebay, google…). 50 years ago they din’t exist. They’are very successful companies today. Thegreat salry is due to this the dvlpmt of this companies.

Trade deficient basicly in the import. US import from China, Canada, Mexico, Japan , Germany and they export basicly to the same people they...