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Perception is a biophysical faculty or physio-psychological phenomenon that connects people to the world and the environment through the senses and individual or collectiveideologies . This allows the individual to interpret the different message.

The use of colour in adverts is perceived and interpreted by the consumer. It gives information about the product. For example,The CK ads are always monochromatic, silver or grey. That conveys notion of regal, wealthy, stately and luxury.

Perception is personal and build by your experiences and your environment. To beperceived, the message have to get through the exposure stage (see appendices). In the CK ads have a big exposure, because they use nudity and a celebrity. For sure, the message get through the two firstexposure stage : Selective exposure, and selective attention. However, the use of nudity can also prevent the message to pass the selective interpretation. As we said Perception is personal and insome culture using nudity may cause a negative interpretation.


Learning is made on individual experience. Marketing use behaviourist learning theories to modify consumer behaviours, byconditioning the customer.

Ck jeans always use sex appeal in its ads. This repetition create a link between Ck jeans and sexy looking in consumers' mind. This ads also use conditioned productassociation. It means associate the product or the logo to a symbolic icon or celebrity. Using Eva Mendes top less in the advert associate Ck jeans with sexy looking once again.


Motivationrefers to the process that influence consumer behaviours. People has got different needs which create tension that drive the consumer to act in a manner or an other. In marketing the final act is thepurchase. Maslow has prioritized needs in a pyramid (see appendices).

Using sex appeals in CK jeans ads create a tension in physiological need by reminding sex needs to the customers. It also...