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Policy Brief
CLIMATE PACKAGE: An evolution but not a revolution!

The climate has become one of the major problems of the beginning of the century. The planet is changing and the policies must be act. If no there will be many problems in a few decades: rising temperatures, pollution,illness…
In European Union, the Climate Package was born atthe end of December.

I – Presentation Climate Package
The climate package of European Union is an action plan adopted the 23th January 2008 by the European Commission. It approved by the European Council the 11th et 12th December 2008.

This package deals about the climate and its priorities.
The first priority is to establish a common European energy more sustainable and durable
Thesecond priority is to fight against climate change.
This 2 priorities are divided on 3 points called “ 20 – 20 – 20 “ or “ 3 x 20 “ because the European Union must:

Raising the share of renewables in the energy mix to 20%
Reduce CO2 emissions from European Countries of 20 %
Increase energy efficiency by 20% by 2020.

In 2008, only 8.5% of the energy consumption comes from renewablesresources. It must be increased of 11.5% of 2020. The climate package expected to improve and extend the system of trading CO2 emissions by increasing its scope, its control procedures and costs for polluters. However, the commission wished that power producers are forced to buy 100% of their CO2 allowances at auction from 2013 whichever is 30%.

II - Problems of this Climate Package

This evolutionabout the climate is not perfect.
In fact, it is “ just “ 2 measures divided on 3 points. It is very limited and few countries have passes rights.
For example, in Poland, the coals plats have rights to pollute. Some grams of CO2 are offered in bonuses to German car manufacturer. And each country can buy credits for CO2 emissions out of Europe.
The initial project was more ambitious. But dueto the industrial lobbying and few countries, some information had been cancelled. The countries want to protect their national interest.
For example in Poland, Germany and Italy they want to protect their interest because they have some industries that are the most polluting in Europe.
For Greenpeace, the aim of “ 3 x 20 “ is in fact the 3 x 4:
4% reducing the emission on the Europeanterritory until 2010
Only 4% of industry’s emission concerned by the auctioning of pollution permit (before it was 100%).
All this measures will cause, the increase of temperature of 4° C by the end of the century.
You have not assessment of long-term measures, logical, comprehensive and prospecting.
It seems you have this project because you need a project but it is not revolutionary
III – SomeOptions

The climate package currently includes a requirement of 10% renewable energy in transports, which corresponds to a strong development of biofuels. Today when prices of agricultural commodities are exploding, when forest are massively transformed into farmland or plantations to produce fuel plant, Europe must ensure that its energy policy do not conflict with protecting the environment,social issues and food security. The priority must be given to reduce in energy consumption in transport.
One idea easy will be, for example, to help the big town (with a subvention). If they develop an idea who protects the environment, they will have a subvention.
For example, the share of electric car: a town buy some electric car and you can rent the car if you pay a subscription. You mustjust, before, book your car on Internet and you can rent for 1, 2, 3, …hours.
With this idea you will reduce the car in the town, and you help the environment.
The others 3 important points are:
Improve energy efficiency
Use Bio Fuels
Use of electric propulsion
The problems of the package is also European citizen are not used. It is just for the company. So the citizen must be integrated...
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