Coca cola

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1933 :The Europe Cafe in Paris, near the Saint Lazare station, offers a new drink, Coca-Cola.
1996; The Cherry Coke was introduced in France.
1998:Coca cola light without caffeine appears to turnin France.
2002: Coca cola light lemon arrived in France in June.
2003:The vanilla coke arrives in France.
2005:Coca Cola Light Lime arrives in France.
2006: Coca Cola Light Sango arrives inFrance.
Coca Cola BlaK is launched in France.
After the coca cola light lemon, coca cola lemon arrives in France.
2007: Coca Cola Zero has arrived in France on 18 January.In March, Coca Cola Blak Corse Intense fate in France.
2008:In January, Coca cola light launching more in two versions, vitamins and antioxidants.
In October, launching a coca cola Zero ZeroSept advertising for the film with James Bond Quantum of Salace.Therecipe does not change,this is just marketing.

The first recipe ancestor of Coca-Cola, the French Wine Coca, was invented by pharmacist John Pemberton in 1885. It is a liquor made from coca (a leaf thatcocaine is extracted), kola nut and damiana. Pemberton would actually inspired by a recipe invented by a French: Mariani Wine, a blend of Bordeaux wine and coca leaf, created by the chemist AngeloMariani in 1863. And it's the May 8, 1886, that will be served the first glass of French Wine Coca, a few months after filing his Coca Cola mark. Alcohol is forbidden in Atlanta, Pemberton arranges hisrecipe to make a version without alcohol.In 1887, the businessman Asa Griggs Candler bought Coca Cola to Pemberton for 2300 dollars. Officially, Coca Cola no contains coca since 1903. Scientificresearch shows that a glass of Coca Cola in 1886 contained about nine milligrams of cocaine. The firm, since its inception, carefully maintains the mystery of her recipe. She is based in a chest located...