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The Coke is a famous soft drink created in 1886 by John Pemberton. Today the Coke is one of the USA’s symbol and it is drunk by a lot of people all over the world. Every day, 300 millions litters of Coke are being drunk in the world.


The first version of Coke was invented 8th may in 1886 by the pharmacist John Smith Pemberton. He was living in Atlanta in theSouth of the USA. He liked to test medical formulas, and one afternoon he was searching a remedy for headaches. He created a perfumed liquid called French Wine Coca but it was not the Coke that we can drink today. Its colour looked like caramel and he put it in a three-legged container. The mixture was blended with the sparkling water. This drink had been tasted by customers of Pemburton’s pharmacy,and unanimously , had been founded very special, unique and new.
Pemberton tried to make his customers buy it as a drug. He told them it was a remedy for headaches. However he did not manage to make them believe him. He did not succeed in selling Coke. His customers thought he was a quack. Indeed, unfortunately, Pemberton was more an inventor that a business man. He did not doubt that heinvented one of the greatest products of the world.

Pemberton died in 1888 two years after inventing Coke. After his death, a businessman called Asa Candler bought the Coke for the price of 2330$. This man created a big marketing campaign who made the coke famous.


This businessman spent twelve thousand dollars on the marketing campaign. And since 1892, there were other campaigns forCoke. Indeed, Candler applied a real strategy and transformed a simple invention in a real business.
In 1923, Robert Woodruff took the Coke company and it’s thanks to Woodruff that the drink was known in every country, because Candler installed Coke only in the USA. He fascinated everybody with his innovating campaign. Coke went to the Olympic Games of Amsterdam with the Americans in 1928, hislogo was everywhere. And still today, Coca-Cola is the biggest sponsor for the Olympic Games.

Then, in1941, (when the USA entered in World War II, American soldiers began to travel all over the world. The American soldiers ’s favourite drink was Coke. And the president of Coca Cola Company promised to send their beloved drink wherever they would go. The president sent five billion bottles ofCoke all over the world to the soldiers. So that’s why, since the war Coke has been famous everywhere.

Since the creation of the coke, the firm keeps carefully the mystery of his recipe. This one becomes almost a crowned document. its composition is the object of an military industrial secrecy. It would rest in a trunk located in the inviolable basements of SunTrust Bank, a financial institutionof Atlanta.

The drink

Its special taste comes mainly from the mixture of sugar and the gasoline of orange, lemon and vanilla. The others ingredients like the phosphoric acid take less place in its taste. The Coca-Cola company is the biggest world consumer of natural vanilla. Consequently, when a new formulate was used in 1984 for New Coke, the economy of Madagascar have been destroyed.At the beginning, the stimulating effect of the coke was produced by the cocaine contained in the leaves of coke and by the caffeine of cola nuts. In 1906, the coke who was sold like tonic for the brain, was almost deprived of cocaine. Today, technology removed all cocaine of coke.


The advertising has always been very important and contributed to its considerable success.Today, the advertising about Coke is always very present and is more and more original.
The drink and its advertising campaigns had an important impact on the American culture. An urban legend affirms that the company created the modern picture of the Santa Claus under the features of an old man equipped in red and white, whereas formerly, this one was dressed in green rather than in red.
The coke...