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History of the company:

The company in which I worked last summer is Swatch. This one belongs to The Swatch group which is known all around the world.
This one is the number one manufacturer offinished watches in the world. The Group is active in the manufacture of finished watches, jewelry, and watch movements and components.

The Swatch Group took its name from the extraordinarilysuccessful story of Swatch, one of the world’s most widely recognized consumer brand names.

This solid foundation has allowed the Group to broaden all over the world. Today, the Swatch Group offerswatches in all price categories, and even other watches' brands.

Tasks undertaken:

The functions I was asked to do are different and various. In reality, I was the responsible of the shop. I used toopen it early, at 6 o'clock exactly. I had to put back all the articles in the window, then to put the money I would need in the case and finally to clean the shop. After that I had to open the shop.After all these entertaining tasks, I was ready to welcome the customers from different countries. That gave me the opportunity to be in contact with a wide clientele, in that way I had thepossibility to put in practice all what I learnt during the school year: in both speaking languages(English and Spanish), as well selling notions. During several hours I had to respond to the demand as well aspossible. In the way that I was available for my clients: to give the appropriate answers to their questions, advice them for the best article they want to buy.


The team with whom Iworked was active and known for doing the best sales figure, so I was very happy and motivated to be one of them. They welcomed me very well, by giving me all the knowledge I needed to succeed mydaily tasks and become a good saleswoman( because everyday we had to reach a certain business figure).
I learned lot of things concerning the human-relations inside a team. Some of them weren't very...