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The Breadbreakfast of Europe



III-Why Odesa?

A-Some figures about Ukraine B-Odesa history C-Odesa today

Population: 46,710,816 people
Area:603,628 km² (44th)

GDP (nominal) 2007 estimate -Total :$131.2 billion (47th) -Per capita $2,852 (88th)

Became independent after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991Consequences:
-end of the program of collectivization of agriculture -free market reform -foreign investments

Great transportation network
 In the heart of former USSR  Close to boomingcountries.

One of the most important Ukrainian city

 Access by air/ land/ train and boat and by sea

Many business opportuniuties especially in tourism, industry, commodities.

Main Station: 2, Privokzalna Street (0482) 27 42 42

Main Station

Car rental :* Eugenie Travel 23, Richelieu Street (0482) 21 85 81 * Hertz 6, Primorskiy Avenue (0482) 738 54 21

Highway code -On theright -60km /h in town - 90km/h on main roads -110 on national roads

mild and dry climate with average temperatures in January of -2 °C (29 °F), and July of 22 °C (72 °F)

25 20 15 10 5 0 -5

It averages only 350 mm (14 in) of precipitation annually.








An area close to nature  Askania Nova Reserve : biosphere with plants, buffalos, ostrich, … A green city

Ukraine ecofriendly. According to WWF: The Carpats are inhabited by the most diversified species on earth.

A-Strong institutions B-Growing economy C-Investment securityD-Tourism and Gastronomy

A-Stong institutions
-Both Putin and Bush are engaged in highest stakes geopolitical power plays -Orange Revolution in 2004: Pacific revolution for democracy -The city of Odesais in tune with the new environmental trends.
-Transportation: The heritage of ex-USSR. -Pollution -A preserved architectural heritage.

-Odesa growth: 10% a year -International airport, port,...