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  • Publié le : 11 octobre 2010
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January, 20th 2009: Barack Obama officially becomes the 44th President of USA after Georges W. Bush. He is the first Black African American man to be a President in the History of America. Aftertaking oath face to 2 million of people, Obama pronounced his Inaugural speech.

First of all, the President is showing the economical crisis, which is very hard. He is insisting of the importance ofhope to construct a new society.
In fact, we can read a picturing in the one part about the hardness of the crisis : « Yet, very so often the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms ».With these images and the text written later, Obama is explaining the negative aspects of the situation.
Even if he is aware of difficulties, the President is wanting to restore trust. He isthinking he will be able to manage to improve the situation in the USA. It is for this reason, that he uses very often to the « us ». In fact, Barack Obama wants electors feel like near him. It’s to showAmerica is constituted of all citizens : the elites, the upper-class, the working class, etc. Moreover, he argue that they have common documents, as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In this, wecan read a right to be happy, free, and equal.
But, I have the feeling that Barack Obama takes a little advantage of the crisis. In fact I think he arrives as the Preserver but what else could he do?

On the other hand, even if Obama gives a message of hope for future, his words concern present time and are very concrete. His principal value is Labor. He says particulary : « For everywhere welook, there is work to be done » and, « but those values upon which our successdepends – honesty, and hard work […] tolerance […] are old […] are true ».
He thinks it is with the labor that thesociety and the economy will be rebuilt. As a fact, he put the labor in the gist of his speech.
I think it’s the most important point of the speech of the President. I completely agree with him because...